Faqs Tattoos

Normally not at all. Only when complications occur immediate action is required. The aftertreatment can be of use to those who have never had a tattoo before and want to be tattooed on a very large scale, but do not know how best to care for the fresh tattoo. Depending on your needs, a follow-up treatment is possible the next day after tattooing.

The healing time for a tattoo is about one week. During this time you should not neglect the care, otherwise it can lead to various health complications (allergies, inflammation, etc.), as well as to extended healing times (up to 6 weeks), and / or the appearance of the tattoo may suffer. If such complications occur, be sure to consult a doctor. [Link to Emergency Address] (https://www.akhwien.at/default.aspx?pid=68&cpid=439&cuid=475)

In the first 3 days the corresponding place should be washed intensively several times a day. Immediately after washing and generally as often as possible you should smear the area thin with a healing ointment. Overall, the care should take about 7 days, or until all incrustations have resolved by itself (in the case of neglect of care, it may take even 6 weeks). Big tattoos are provided with a special gel bandage, which reliably seals the sore skin and should not be removed until the next day. Until then, do not wash or lubricate the tattoo. After washing off the gel band the next day, the wound only needs to be cleaned as needed, but you have to smear it with the healing ointment as normal.

My tattoos are not copied from stencils, but are a result of my artistic considerations, the subject and the form individually adapted to the person. For this way of working, the stencils made on flat paper are completely unsuitable because they can not be adapted to human body shapes and their movement. But if you insist on having a stencil tattoo, my staff will be there to advise you and to tattoo your motif with love. If your drawing is not suitable for a tattoo, for example because is very detailed and small, it will be optimized before tattooing.

Yes, I can cover up even very dark and large tattoos. You can find many examples of such coverages in the gallery of tattoo photos on this web page.

It all depends on the tattoo. With small tattoos you get on it relatively fast. Mostly it takes about 1-2 weeks to the appointment, rarely it is spontaneous. On the other hand, the tattoo projects I offer take a long time - you should expect a wait of a couple of months. In this case, enough appointments are made to deal with the whole project within a short space of time. The interval between appointments is about 3 weeks.

In my shop you can provide yourself with a suitable wound care that has been specially developed for tattoos and that can better support the healing of a fresh tattoo than the conventional Bepanthen ointment.

Dirty environment, touching with unwashed hands, use of soaps, ointments and creams that someone has used before us, reusable washcloths - all these things should be avoided due to germ contamination. Long moistening with water is very bad with fresh tattoos, which includes swimming, sauna, bath, long showering, moist compresses and moisturizing creams. UV radiation is unfavorable for the fresh, but also for the long-healed tattoo and you should always protect the tattooed areas from the sun (UV protection with high factor, clothing, staying in the shade). You should not scratch a fresh tattoo. When encrustation occurs, you should not remove it, it must go away by itself, even if it takes a long time. Sport is only allowed if the tattooed body is not overburdened and if it does not cause an infection.

It is recommended that the appointments be made in about 3-week intervals. In between there is enough time for healing and recovery from a long tattoo session.

Not significantly. It can be conspicuous only in extreme cases, for example stretch marks can influence the look of the tattoos. Usually the resulting scars can be covered up and the tattoos repaired. With extremely heavy weight loss, it can happen that the skin does not completely regress and forms hanging wrinkles. If one decides to surgically remove the skin folds, the tattoos or their parts will of course go along and will not be reconstructable.

From the age of 16, you can get tattooed with written consent and in the presence of a legal guardian.

We only use tattoo inks that are very trustworthy and have not once caused an allergy. Of course, one can not completely preclude an allergy, in which case it depends on the extent of the allergy, what is to be done. In most cases, you do not have to do anything and the allergy passes by itself after a few weeks to months. In very rare extreme cases, the tattooed skin site must be surgically removed.

Yes, even very deep and relief-like scars, for example after heavy burns or skin grafting can be successfully covered with tattoos.

Faqs Piercings

The Piercen of underage minors (under 14 years) is prohibited. The piercing of minors requires the legal written consent of the person responsible for the care and education of the minor. If the person to be pierced is a responsible minor (16 years old), the obligation to give consent is waived if it is to be expected that the pierced body part heals within 24 days.